Principal's Message

Gloucester City Middle School


GMS is all about…

           Character Education                                      Great students

           Journaling across the curriculum                    Dynamic Teachers

           Reading with a purpose                                Exciting assemblies

  Math facts for everyday use                           Jump Rope for Heart

          Fun nights                                                   The Math Challenge

          Learning teams                                            Basketball

          Field days                                                   Fall Pep Rallies

          Character Hearts for Pajama Days                 Spirit Assemblies

          Talent shows                                              Music and Art Shows                         

           Environment Clubs                                     Student Council/Bake sales

           Positive Parents                                          A PTO that rocks

           Respect/Responsible/Ready                         Soccer & Field Hockey

                      And much more…Catch the ROAR of the GMS experience!!!!!        

 Bill O’Kane is proud to be the principal of Gloucester City Middle School. GMS is all about team work. Grade level teams meet twice a month to discuss instruction, student progress and school wide goals. Journaling across the curriculum is a school wide goal for all of our teams. Students at GMS are writing each day in every class and taking ownership over the learning process.  

 Gloucester City Middle School is proud of its dedicated teaching staff. The staff at GMS is committed to our school goals. They understand the importance of building a supportive learning environment for all of our students. Our teachers are encouraging the students to develop 21st century life skills and become tomorrow’s leaders.    

The Environmental Club keep GMS green by emptying the recycling bins in the offices and classrooms each week. The Environmental Club also have several citywide clean up days that help to improve the cleanliness of Gloucester City. GMS has started a Math IXL program. Each Month we keep track of our students’ progress with the program and announce student achievements at our school assemblies.

Character counts at the Gloucester City Middle School. Each month the students and staff at GMS focus on a positive character trait. We encourage the idea that good character counts at GMS. The school reinforces the character theme during our morning news program. We also post information on our monthly calendar and bulletin boards. Each month we encourage our parents to become actively involved with the program in our “Think Character” section of the GMS newsletter. At the end of each month the staff is asked to select students who have displayed efforts toward emulating the character theme for the month. These students receive special certificates from the building principal and their names are displayed on our school bulletin board. This group of students also receives lunch with the principal in recognition for their fine efforts.  We also set aside time each Friday for character education instruction in all of our classrooms. This is a school wide effort to promote good character and address HIB issues on a broad basis.    

Students are getting extra support and finding big friends through the advisory program at Gloucester City Middle School. Team teachers work together at grade levels to support academic clinics during the advisory program at GMS. Clinics offer all our students quality, small group time to get caught up with ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science work as needed.  School tournaments also take center stage during the SWAG segment of the advisory program. Students With Academic Game show off their skills outside the classroom during this portion of the GMS advisory program.

Gloucester City Middle School students know how to celebrate! Spirit Assemblies are held on the 1st Friday of each month to acknowledge our student authors, character club members and academic stars. The students leave the assemblies after selecting their new school spirit song for the up coming month. 

Please visit…

In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies, our school may be closed. Information about emergency closings or late openings will be given on this web site, Radio KYW-1060, and through our emergency phone chain system.

In an emergency, our School Code is #561